Dancing Tips

Successful (read: fun) square dancing requires familiarity with the calls and teamwork among all 8 dancers in the square.

We find these Tips for Square Dancers , prepared by El Camino Reelers, to be helpful and recommend them highly for both new and experienced dancers.

For new dancers, the key to mastering the calls is practice, practice, practice—also known as “floor time.” Students taking lessons through the Ramblers are encouraged to attend monthly dances. We will let the caller know which calls you have learned, and we will have at least one student tip that includes just those calls.

Many new dancers find it helpful to review the calls outside of class. There are numerous square dance resources available on the Internet for those interested in brushing up when they are not on the dance floor. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. www.opensquares.de

This German/English website features written English descriptions and “birds-eye” view of animated dancers. (Yes, square dancing is very popular in Germany!)

 Levels: Basic, Mainstream, Plus and A-1.

  1. www.saddlebrookesquares.com

This website includes vocal descriptions and video of actual dancers doing each call.

 Levels: Mainstream and Plus. The link to the videos is under the “square dance lessons” tab on the menu.

  1. www.tamtwirlers.org

This website defines each call and then uses an animation to illustrate how the call is executed.  There is also an app available for mobile devices.

Levels: Mainstream, Plus, Advanced & Challenge C1-C3a