What’s New

September 10, 2018

1. Monthly Dances. A spririted and lively crowd kicked off the fall dance season last Saturday night at the Milwaukie Grange. It was great seeing so many Ramblers after a long summer break. Janienne Alexander called her first regular Ramblers’ dance (after doing stints for the Pride Parade and a free taste in Beaverton) and kept the floor hopping. (Although not with a kangaroo tip, unfortunately….) Rambler history was made when Rick Hawes made his debut on the Grange stage by calling a patter tip with some very fun and creative choreography–including helpful reminders for some of those left-handed calls. Looking forward to more of Rick’s calling at future dances!

The upcoming monthly dances are:

October 13: Richard Lane calling
November 10: Ian Craig calling
December 8: Diana Wedel calling.

2. Wednesday Lessons. Our second free taste will be this Wednesday, September 12 at Bridgeport UCC, 621 NE 76th Ave., Portland. We had a great turnout for the first free taste in August and hope to keep the momentum going leading up to the start of lessons on September 26. Tell all your friends!

3. Scares and Squares. If you haven’t yet registered, you missed the steepest discount on registrations…but you can still save 10 smackeroos off the cost at the door if you register by October 1. Some people have put together entire Halloween costumes for less than that!

4. Tri-Council Dance. The Portland Area Council will be hosting the annual Tri-Council Dance (for the PAC, Evergreen Council, and Tualatin Valley Council) on Saturday, September 29 at the Oak Grove Community Center. Square dancing starts at 7 pm. Stephen Cole–a caller well known to the Ramblers for his annual appearances at our Black and White Dance each January–will be calling, so expect a great time. I wonder if we can get a full square of Ramblers???

5. Round Dancing! Those of you who have ventured out to other clubs may have seen Round Dancing alternating with Square Dancing over the course of the evening. Round Dancing uses ballroom dance steps, but a cuer (like a caller) leads the dancers through the steps so dancers don’t have to memorize choreography or try to improvise while avoiding their partner’s toes. Sherri Clark, a long-time supporter of the Ramblers, will be teaching round dance lessons, starting with Beginning Waltz, at the Tigard Grange on Highway 99W, starting Sunday, September 23. The lessons will continue every Sunday from 2 to 3:15 pm. This is a great opportunity to try something new!