What’s New

April 4, 2017 Update

Wednesdays.  The Ramblers will be offering Mainstream workshops at the Ankeny Studio on April 5 and 12, 2017 from 7-9 pm. Our last dance at Ankeny will be April 12. We will be dark on April 19, and then we will head over to Tualatin Timber Squares for the Trophy Dance on April 26.

We will inaugurate our new dance venue, the Milwaukie Community Center, on May 3. All Mainstream and Plus dancers are welcome for our Wednesday workshops. We charge $3 per dancer.

Saturday, April 8. We will be hosting our re-scheduled Black and White Dance at the Milwuakie Grange, with Stephen Cole calling. This dance was orginally scheduled for January, but we were snowed out! We will alternate Mainstream and Plus tips from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. Dress comfortably–square dance attire is not required. Single dancers welcome!