Scares 'N Squares
October 27 - Oct 29, 2017
Portland, Oregon

Many moons ago, around Halloween, the Rosetown Ramblers Square Dance Club of Portland, Oregon began holding an annual three-day, fly-in called "Scares and Squares."

The Ramblers will continue this tradition in 2016 at the Multnomah Arts Center, 7688 SW Capitol Highway, Portland, Oregon 97219. The Ramblers invite you to join us for a weekend of dancing, fun, food, and friendship.

Dance Levels:

Mainstream, Plus, Advanced, C1 and C2

Featured callers

Gary Monday

Gary began calling in 1984 at age 19 in Asheville, NC. My parents started dancing in 1981 and I tagged along occasionally and one night at a PLUS dance they needed one 'boy' dancer to fill a square. After the 3rd tip, I realized I had been paying attention during my parent's classes and workshops and knew all the calls except linear cycle. I taught my first mainstream class in 1984 and immediately fell in love with teaching and then calling.

I attended a caller's school at Copecrest Square Dance resort that year. Stan Burdick and Gene Trimmer shared their theories and talent with me and I have been enjoying calling ever since. Hotlanta Squares gave me a lot of opportunity to expand my calling abilities.

My partner Ben and I moved to Seattle, WA in October, 2011 from Asheville, NC. We are now members of Puddletown Squares and I am enjoying calling for several of the clubs in the Pacific Northwest. I have called for several IAGSDC affiliated clubs and national conventions over years.

Michael Maltenfort

Michael learned Plus in 1985 with the Wilmette, Illinois club "Fascinating Singles" while still in high school. He began dancing with Chi-Town Squares in 1994 and began calling in 2002. He mostly calls for Chi-Town Squares, but also calls for other clubs in the Chicago area and out of state. He calls intro dance parties up through the C3A dance program and dances up through C4.

Michael is a teacher by vocation, and since 2013 has been a lecturer in mathematics and college adviser at Northwestern University. He taught his first square dance class in 2002, before he even attended his first caller school. More recently, he has taught a first-year seminar at Northwestern titled “Rubik’s Cubes, Square Dancing, and Mathematics,” combining his three biggest interests.

Michael is a full member of CALLERLAB and has been the vice-chair of the Definitions Committee since 2007. He is married to John Glover.

Dayle Hodge

Dayle went off to college, his parents went off to square dance.

They picked him up for spring break 1981 and took him directly to their student dance. He was fascinated and quickly started studying mainstream but what really caught his interest was “that guy up there” that got to tell everyone what to do!

When he returned to college he hooked up with a local caller that took him under his wing and taught him everything he knew and they spent the next three years calling, talking about calling, and calling some more.

After graduation (yes, he did graduate), Dayle moved to the greater Washington, DC area. With a new job and a new bride, calling, and square dancing in general, were about to be set aside when he decided to go to one last dance. He was hooked all over again, made instant friends (that have lasted to this day), and left that dance with plans to attend several weekends.

Since that time Dayle has called across the country for clubs; gay and straight, mainstream through C3, small and large. He has called at numerous fly-ins as well as 11 IAGSDC conventions and even met his beautiful girlfriend Kathy at the 2009 convention in DC. However, he has never been to Portland and is very much looking forward it!

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