Scares 'N Squares
October 31 - Nov 2, 2014
Portland, Oregon

Many moons ago, around Halloween, the Rosetown Ramblers Square Dance Club of Portland, Oregon began holding an annual flyin event called "Scares 'N Squares".

The Rosetown Ramblers invite you to join us for a weekend of dancing, fun and friendship. Our callers include Vic Ceder, Jet Roberts, and Gary Monday.

Dance Levels:

Mainstream, Plus, Advanced, and Challenge

Callers: Vic Ceder, Jet Roberts, and Gary Monday

Vic Ceder: I started dancing in 1975 in a teen club where I met my future wife Debbie. We started dancing advanced level in 1977 (while we were in high school). A year later we started learning challenge and I developed an interest in calling. I occasionally walked our tape group through some material that I had written. Later I tried 'calling' the material accompanied by taped music. After that, I purchased a Hilton sound system and microphone and jumped into learning how to call.

I started calling in November 1981 (at the challenge level). I currently call at levels Basic through C4. I have taught classes at all levels from Basic through C3B.

I am a self-taught caller and have never attended a caller's school as a student (whether this is good or bad is debatable). However, I have taken about six months of weekly voice lessons, and have learned calling skills from observing other callers and listening to criticism and comments made by callers and dancers.

I have called in 31 states and 8 countries (other than USA).

I've called at the National Square Dance Convention in Birmingham (1985), Houston (1987), Anaheim (1988), Anaheim (2001), and Long Beach (2009).

Jet Roberts: Jet Roberts started calling in 1971 at the young age of eight years old. Three years later he was calling for three local clubs in the Sacramento, California area. He always dreamed of making calling his full time occupation and by age 19 he was established as a full time caller on the west coast.

To date Jet has been featured in all the western states & has traveled as far east as New York & into the New England states. Since 1993 Jet has been featured in other countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Holland, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, and New Zealand & spent two years calling full time in Perth, Australia.

Jet calls levels from basic through A-2 & from the age of 10 he has never missed a year of teaching a beginner’s class & sometimes as many as three in a season. Jet believes that all callers should teach beginner classes as without them the activity will continue to decline.

During the national convention in Detroit, MI. in 2011 Jet became the newest staff caller on Rhythm Records which is considered one of the top record labels of all time with an all-star staff. Check out their web site to get your exclusive membership & get some of yesterday & today’s finest square dance music on the market. http://www.rhythmrecords.biz/

In the summer of 2004 Jet married Sylvia Bjork from Sweden. They had a beautiful wedding in her hometown of Orebro, Sweden with many friends from Europe & the USA in attendance. Jet & Sylvia are currently living in Antelope, California near Sacramento. Jet is the proud father of two girls, Lacey born in 1988 & Lindsey in 1991 from a previous marriage. On February 22, 2009 Sylvia gave birth to their daughter Stella.

Jet is known for his smooth & interesting choreography & his singing calls are always a pleasure to dance & listen to. If Jet Roberts comes to your area, don’t miss the opportunity to dance in a fun filled & lively atmosphere.

Gary Monday: Began calling in 1984 at age 19 in Asheville, NC. My parents started dancing in 1981 and I tagged along occasionally and one night at a PLUS dance they needed one 'boy' dancer to fill a square. After the 3rd tip, I realized I had been paying attention during my parent's classes and workshops and knew all the calls except linear cycle. I taught my first mainstream class in 1984 and immediately fell in love with teaching and then calling.

I attended a caller's school at Copecrest Square Dance resort that year. Stan Burdick and Gene Trimmer shared their theories and talent with me and I have been enjoying calling ever since. Hotlanta Squares gave me a lot of opportunity to expand my calling abilities.

My partner Ben and I moved to Seattle, WA in October, 2011 from Asheville, NC. We are now members of Puddletown Squares and I am enjoying calling for several of the clubs in the Pacific Northwest. I have called for several IAGSDC affiliated clubs over years. Special monthly dances, fly-ins, the 2011 IAGSDC convention in Atlanta and the 2012 ISAGSDC convention in Vancouver. I am looking forward to calling at the 2014 IAGSDC convention in Salt Lake City, UT.

Fee Schedule for the full weekend dances, Harvest Feast & Sunday Brunch:

Dancer Non-Dancer Postmarked on or before
Early-bird special US$ 75 US$ 25 March 31, 2014
Regular rate US$ 85 US$ 25 Sep 30, 2014
Close to the event rate US$ 95 US$ 25 Oct 25, 2014
After Oct 25,2014: Please don't mail the check US$ 100 US$ 25 Please register online and pay at the door

Please visit the Register section for complete rate schedule

SPOOKY highlights:

  • Halloween Costume Party on Saturday with prizes.
  • Rosetown Ramblers unique hospitality.
  • MORE: Watch for further details to come!

To Register for event:

Print out registration form (PDF) from our website or obtain a form by mail or through your local club. Send completed registration to:

Scares 'N Squares c/o Rosetown Ramblers
PO Box 5352,
Portland, OR 97228-5352

Or you can register online through the IAGSDC Scares 'N Squares Website

We look forward to seeing you in Portland Oregon!

Silent Auction:

We will be holding a silent auction at our club's biggest yearly event, the Rosetown Ramblers Scares 'N Squares Square Dance Fly In to be held over Halloween weekend.

If you'd like to donate to the Silent Auction, please take a look at these 2 documents:

You can also just enter the silent auction donation at the Silent Auction Web Site

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