Scares 'N Squares 2013 - We're Still Here ...Silly Mayans...
October 25 - 27, 2013
Portland, Oregon

Many moons ago, around Halloween, the Rosetown Ramblers Square Dance Club of Portland, Oregon began holding an annual flyin event called "Scares 'N Squares".

The Rosetown Ramblers invite you to join us for a weekend of dancing, fun and friendship. Our callers include Tim Marriner, Gary Monday and Don Wood.

Dance Levels:

Mainstream, Plus, Advanced, and Challenge


Tim Marriner: On a dare, Tim started calling in November of 1973. The club he was dancing with conducted an amateur night, and members persuaded him into a slot. After that evening he was hooked; records couldn't be made quick enough for him to learn. He started conducting "Dance Party's" for local organizations, and soon thereafter obtained his first club, another step into the world of square dance calling.

In October of 1987 he decided to devote all his energies toward square dance calling on a full time basis, touring extensively across the United States and into Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Norway, and Sweden. He is on the staff of various resorts and currently records for ESP Records. Even with his busy travel schedule Tim still maintains a strong home program at Sun City Hilton Head in Bluffton, SC. He conducts new dancer sessions, various workshops, Mainstream and Plus Program dances establishing Sun City Squares as one of the largest square dance clubs in SC.

There's more to it than just calling dances; a lot of professional training and education is needed to maintain his calling abilities, which range from Basics through Challenge 1.

Currently Tim is a member of the Metrolina Callers and Cuers Association, a dedicated group of leaders with a goal of promoting Square, Round, and Line Dancing within the region. Tim is also an Accredited Member of CALLERLAB, the International Association of Square Dance Callers. He serves on the Board of Governors, is part of the Executive Committee, and is a Past Chairman for the organization. Tim is also an Accredited Caller Coach for CALLERLAB working several full curriculum schools across the country.

Tim and his wife Donna reside in Rock Hill, SC where they enjoy their solitude amongst nature in their home on the edge of the woods. When they aren’t traveling they are usually in the yard enjoying the outdoor retreat. Moss doesn’t grow on rolling stones but it does on brick walk ways through wooded gardens.

Tim Marriner is not just a caller, he is an entertainer. Having performed in several jazz choirs in college, he has trained and developed many twists to his singing routines. His enthusiasm is overflowing!

Gary Monday: Began calling in 1984 at age 19 in Asheville, NC. My parents started dancing in 1981 and I tagged along occasionally and one night at a PLUS dance they needed one 'boy' dancer to fill a square. After the 3rd tip, I realized I had been paying attention during my parent's classes and workshops and knew all the calls except linear cycle. I taught my first mainstream class in 1984 and immediately fell in love with teaching and then calling.

I attended a caller's school at Copecrest Square Dance resort that year. Stan Burdick and Gene Trimmer shared their theories and talent with me and I have been enjoying calling ever since. Hotlanta Squares gave me a lot of opportunity to expand my calling abilities.

My partner Ben and I moved to Seattle, WA in October, 2011 from Asheville, NC. We are now members of Puddletown Squares and I am enjoying calling for several of the clubs in the Pacific Northwest. I have called for several IAGSDC affiliated clubs over years. Special monthly dances, fly-ins, the 2011 IAGSDC convention in Atlanta and the 2012 ISAGSDC convention in Vancouver. I am looking forward to calling at the 2014 IAGSDC convention in Salt Lake City, UT.

Don Wood: A Washington native, Don has been fortunate to have traveled world-wide calling square dances. He has called in England, Australia, Mexico, Canada, The Caribbean, as well as most of the United States. He became interested in calling as a young boy, when his club caller asked him to do a singing call at a club dance. Several years later, while he was in the service, he and his wife started dancing in New Jersey, and the calling attraction began again. Music had always been a large part of his life, as over the years Don had been playing and singing in several bands, and in church choirs, so the transition to square dance caller seemed to be a natural progression.

Don has been a featured caller at several state and regional festivals. Most recently Don was a featured caller at the Washington State Square Dance Festival in Ocean Shores, WA along with Matt Worley from Crown Records and Charlie Robertson from Fine Tunes Records. Don considers this to be one of his greatest honors and achievements over his calling career.

Don calls Mainstream thru C1 and is the club caller for 4 local clubs. The Lacey Daisy's and Capital Singles Square Dance Clubs of Olympia, WA, the Boots & Laces Square Dance Club of Kent, WA, and the Prairie Steppers Square Dance Club in Centralia, WA. He is also co-owner and producer / recording artist for Lou-Mac Records, recording many popular square dance tunes.

Fee Schedule for the full weekend dances, Harvest Feast & Sunday Brunch:

Dancer Non-Dancer Postmarked on or before
Early-bird special US$ 75 US$ 25 Jan 31, 2013
Regular rate US$ 85 US$ 25 Sep 30, 2013
Close to the event rate US$ 95 US$ 25 Oct 19, 2013
Oct 20-25,2013: Please don't mail the check US$ 100 US$ 25 Please register online and pay at the door

Please visit the Register section for complete rate schedule

SPOOKY highlights:

  • Halloween Costume Party on Saturday with prizes.
  • Rosetown Ramblers unique hospitality.
  • MORE: Watch for further details to come!

To Register for event:

Print out registration form (PDF) from our website or obtain a form by mail or through your local club. Send completed registration to:

Scares 'N Squares c/o Rosetown Ramblers
PO Box 5352,
Portland, OR 97228-5352

Or you can register online through the IAGSDC Scares 'N Squares Website

We look forward to seeing you in Portland Oregon!

Silent Auction:

We will be holding a silent auction at our club's biggest yearly event, the Rosetown Ramblers Scares 'N Squares Square Dance Fly In to be held over Halloween weekend.

If you'd like to donate to the Silent Auction, please take a look at these 2 documents:

You can also just enter the silent auction donation at the Silent Auction Web Site

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